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You mean a lot to us!
To illustrate that.....
On Tuesday 10th to Wednesday 11th July 2007 a weather bomb hit our part of the country, bringing flooding, landslips, and cyclone-strength 150 km winds.
Luckily the warehouse was not damaged.  But Cathy, who packs your parcels, had to go home early so she could still get home.  Her front yard was flooded early in the day, and she had to drive her car through a ford that had flood waters up to her windscreen!
So meanwhile I packed your parcels.
Then the power and telephone went off.  And when the power goes off out here on the Tutukaka Coast it means that not only do the lights go out, there is no water and there is no sewerage. 
So I packed your parcels by candlelight, as you can see below.  :-)
100707 weather bomb
The next day, the postie managed to somehow get through to pick up your parcels.  And with power not restored, we drove to the nearest city, Whangarei, to the luxury of other peoples homes, where they did still have electricity.  And the news from the power board that power would probably not be restored for 3-4 days, if we were lucky.
I downloaded your emails ( about 115 of them by now!), and then drove back to Ngunguru to start the process of packing by candlelight again.  Good news though, quite miraculous really.  The next bay, Tutukaka, had power back on.  And so did half of our street....our half!  The rest of Ngunguru was still in darkness.  I've never been so relieved to have lights, nor so grateful to be able to flush a toilet!
I might add, the weather bomb was still raging.
I'm writing this just to express how important you are to us.  We know your purchases mean a lot to you.  You've taken a bit of a gamble...will it turn up ( of course it will!), will it be just as pictured ( yes it will!), will it get here soon ( yes, even when we experience devastating weather bombs).  We realise that, and you do mean a lot to us.....we want you to be happy. 
Best wishes
Lesley Armstrong-Jennings
PS:  See below for some of the not-so-dramatic photos of the aftermath of the storm:
Storm aftermath photos
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