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What is Lanolin, and why it's better than ever

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Lanolin skincare was fashionable many years ago, before modern science created many artificial emollients and creams.  When we figured out why sheep shearers had the softest hands, Lanolin products were made to harness its skin-friendly properties. 

But the amazing claims made by skincare companies made us move away from seemingly boring old Lanolin, and into little tubs of pricey skincare backed by ridiculous amounts of television and magazine advertising. 

Then we started to get worried about the chemicals we were putting on our faces, and there was a move away from skincare that contained things like parabens.  And finally we are back to wanting to just put mostly natural substances on our faces, hands and bodies. 

Lanolin is the oil that sheep produce, just like our own skin produces oil.  The sheep need lots of it to coat their wool, where it acts as a raincoat, stopping water and grass and mud from penetrating the wool fibres and weighing them down.  And the cool thing about Lanolin is that while it acts as a raincoat, it also lets the wool breathe.  So when we put lanolin on our skin, it lets the skin breathe whilst also moisturising the skin and keeping that moisture IN the skin.  And Lanolin is the natural oil closest to human oils in composition, so it is readily absorbed.

Now back in the "old" days, the sheeps wool was washed to remove the lanolin, to make it into skincare.  Only they didn't do a great job of it back then, not as good as can be done now, with modern farming practises and modern technology to wash the wool and extract the lanolin.  So back then, lanolin caused a skin reaction in some people.  But today, lanolin is produced to a much higher quality and purity, and allergies to it are rare.

So Lanolin is back, and it is even better than before. And it is being mixed with other natural substances to create amazing products.

In 2016, New Zealand skincare brand Wild Ferns has created a range of Lanolin skincare products that are close to 100% natural.  They mix restorative ingredients like royal jelly, rosehip oil, avocado oil, cucumber, propolis, and more with the lanolin to make the optimum almost completely natural products.

The products are not tested on animals, and contain no parabens or mineral oils.  And they are proudly made in New Zealand from New Zealand Lanolin, where sheep live in lush green pasture year round and eat natural grass, rather than grains or artificial animal feeds.

PAR508 - Wild Ferns Lanolin Facial Serum PAR509 - Wild Ferns Lanolin Facial Cleanser

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