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Truegrip New Zealand Possum Leather Golf Gloves
- Customer Testimonials( what our customers say about the glove!)
Here at we pride ourselves on stocking products that fill a need with our customers. 

We weren't sure about the Truegrip New Zealand Possum Leather Golf Gloves - were they as good as we'd been told they were?  The answer was to get our customers to try them out.

So in October 2007 we mailed out a Truegrip glove to three of our customers, all avid golfers.  They were asked to give their honest opinion on the possum leather gloves, good or bad.

Here's the first testimonial received:


Hello Lesley,

  As promised, I have used the golf glove that you sent and now have my evaluation for you. If you have any questions for me, please feel free to ask and I shall answer to the best of my ability.

  Upon receiving the Truegrip Possum Leather Golf Glove, my first job, being a former garment manager, was to check the construction of the glove. Each piece of the glove was cut to perfection. There are no ragged edges and the glove has very clean lines. All pieces are double-needle stitched together in a very precise fashion, once again providing good clean lines. The inside elastic is great and very soft to the touch. The Velcro closure provides for a proper fit without any tightness.  I give the construction of the Truegrip Golf Glove a Very Good rating.

  My first golf experience with the glove was at the Driving Range. The glove was very comfortable, and the thinness and flexibility made the grip superb. At no point did my hand slide on the golf club, thus helping to keep my hands in proper position. Our weather has been very hot and the glove did not cause my hand to sweat or be uncomfortable at any time. Good ventilation is a key point.

  Now it was time to put the glove to the real test. The Truegrip glove became a part of every golf game I played since receiving it. It is soft, smooth, and fits so well the I found I would forget that I was actually wearing a glove! Throughout my golf games, I found that my grip remained firm and true, thus helping my shots be less apt to veer off target. The glove tucked away neatly in my golf bag and remained as soft as the day it arrived. At no time did I reach for this glove and find it stiff, tight, or changed in any way. When they say, It fits like a glove, this one truly does. My golf game improved and Id like to give some credit to Truegrip!

This past weekend my golf partner and I ventured out for a cold, wet round of golf. The morning was cold at 10 A.M. and there were fairly strong winds. It had rained for a few days so the course was a bit wet. My hand never slipped on my club at all. It was time for one last big test. There is a stream that runs along one of the greens and I decided to purposely put my hand and the glove in the cold stream water. I put the wet glove into my golf bag, finished the game and went home. At that point I removed the glove and allowed it to air dry for about a day. The Truegrip glove returned to its original conditionthe same perfect shape and fit, very soft, and pliable. The Velcro remained in fine condition and did not change shape or lose its grip. Yes, this glove has a great feel even after a dip in the stream!

I give this golf glove an A+ in all areas. The attached Paua shell ball marker is a real eye catcher and conversation piece.

Thank you for allowing me to test this glove and to be introduced to possum leather. It is really fantastic leather. You can be sure Ill purchase more of this glove.

Bob Schum, PA, USA

Truegrip Bob
 Schum golfing

Truegrip Bob
 Schum glove

Testimonial # 2
Dear Lesley,
Thank you for allowing me to trial your Possum Truegrip golf glove. I have tested it for a period of 4 weeks unfortunately it has coincided with a dry spell but I will send a further report after I have played in the rain.
The glove has a very nice textured feel to it, is comfortable to wear and kept its fit during the seven rounds played with it. Many gloves tend to stretch but so far this one has not.
The glove certainly gives a much better adhesion when holding a golf club which gives added confidence when swinging and making contact with the ball. I also found it gave good enough feel to use whilst putting.
I found overall the glove to be excellent but would like to try it in wet conditions which is a true test of a glove.
I will continue to use the glove and will give you a further report after using it in the rain.
The use of the glove also coincided with my best golf of the year which says something.
I have attached a few photographs that I hope you can use.
Many thanks for allowing me to trial your glove and I would recommend it to others.
Best Regards
Gary Steele
Secretary Manager Carnalea Golf Club, Ireland
Truegrip Possum Golf Gloves Ireland
Testimonial # 3
Good evening Lesley,
I have attached a picture of myself on the right hand side with the plaid shirt and our golf pro Chris Costa, Chris is a member of the New England section of the PGA Seniors and has been playing golf all his life and he has been the pro at Middleton Golf Course for over 30 years, he comes with a considerable number of awards for his golfing ability and teaching methods.
He advised me that after playing 8 to 10 rounds of golf with the Truegrip Possum Leather Golf glove he is very impressed that the glove has kept it shape and shows little or not any wear at all. The stitching has held up very well and is intact although he regrets loosing the paua button as he had a lot of people ask what it was.
Overall the glove played well and had a sensitive feel when placed on the club and was very impressed with the product and will continue using while spending the Winter in Florida.
Lesley hope that this report is what you needed and should you need any further info please do not hesitate in asking.
Peter McDonald.
Boston, MA, USA
Peter McDonald Truegrip gloves
Further note from Peter on 8 March 2008:
"Just thought I would report our golf pro has just returned from a winter in Florida where he used the possum glove extensively.  It held up very well, in fact he said the pro shops here will not like the product as it seems it will not wear out!!!!!!
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