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New Zealand Souvenirs

  • Information on what you will find on your New Zealand holiday

  • Information on what makes a great New Zealand gift to send overseas

NZ Pins and badges to wear overseas
PM55 - Silver Fern Pinback Badge PM52 - Silver Fern Pinback BadgePAR010 - New Zealand and USA Crossed Flags Pin PM04 - Set of 4 New Zealand Badges

New Zealand delegations and sports teams travelling overseas often want a lapel badge or pin.  We can help with inexpensive Tiki, Silver Fern and Kiwi badges and pins.

We also stock crossed-flags badges, depicting the New Zealand and American, Australian, British, German, Japanese, Chinese Flags crossed.


Maori Jewellery

Maori Bone and Greenstone Necklaces

Hei Matau Bone Necklaces for sale
Maori Bone Necklaces are very popular.  Made from cow bone, the Maori necklaces are usually carved in one of 5 popular Maori designs, each with a spiritual meaning: Koru (new beginnings), Twist (friendship and love), Manaia (spiritual guardian), Hei Matau (hook - good health, prosperity), and Tiki (good luck charm and fertility symbol).

Pictured are some of the Hei Matau necklaces available here.

Greenstone Koru

Greenstone is a beautiful hard stone found only on the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand.  When held up to the light, it is almost see-through.

Featured above are two examples of greenstone Koru.


Kauri and Rimu - New Zealand Native Timbers

UN01 - Unearthed Kauri Wine Bottle Stand with Corkscrew KG03 - Rimu and Kauri Small Chopping Board AG201b cutout rimu coasters RB01b - Small Hinged Rimu Box FW01b - single Fernwood tealight holder

Kauri and Rimu are two of New Zealand's most beautiful native timbers.  With exquisite grain and honey-coloured wood, they make wonderful gifts. 

Choose from large Kauri bowls inlaid with natural Paua shell pieces, or perhaps take home a simple New Zealand souvenir, a Native Timber Coaster (as in the bottom photo).  That Coaster is a mix of most of New Zealand native timbers.  Eyecatching, educational, and useful!  And check out the amazing Fernwood candles, made from New Zealand's native tree ferns.

New Zealand Skincare

BS22 - 100% Pure NZ LanolinBS909 - Pure Source Active Manuka Honey Facial Scrub BS41 - Rotorua Thermal Mud Heat Rub

New Zealand is known worldwide for its Lanolin creams, which have been around for many years, and withstood the test of time.  Many people still use Lanolin on their chapped or irritated skin.

Manuka Honey
is another New Zealand product that is wonderful in skincare.  Chock full of antioxidants, it's great for your skin.  And of course, Manuka Honey is high in antibacterial activity.  Great for sensitive teenage skin.

Rotorua Mud skin care products provides you with the amazing minerals present in the thermal mud of Rotorua.  Great for cleansing and nourishing naturally.

Maori Weapons
TIK033 - Maori Tewhatewha weapon

Weapons collectors will enjoy shopping in New Zealand, where they can obtain authentically carved replicas of Maori pre-European weapons.

Crafted by carving out of wood or stone, Maori weapons were primarily hand-to-hand battle weapons, in the form of clubs or long spear-like weapons.  The clubs, depending on their design, might also be called a mere, patu, wahaika, kotiate, or maripi.  Longer weapons were the taiaha and tewhatewha.

We mostly stock Maori weapons made from Matai, a native New Zealand timber.  A local Maori carver can craft you a taiaha or mere to your own specifications.  And we also have beautiful, full size greenstone mere.

Maori Carvings
TIK002 - Tiki - freestanding TIK006 - Large Carved Tiki Mask

Maori carvings are a popular souvenir of New Zealand, as they represent Maori art, and Maori carving is quite different to any around the world.

Popular items to take home are Maori tiki and Maori masks.

Merino Possum

KNT030 - KO160 koru beanie Red

Merino Possum clothing is a New Zealand souvenir that friends and family will be so grateful you took back to them.
Our Merino Possum scarves, hats, beanies, gloves, socks and sweaters are warmer than wool.  That's because the possum fur in the mix is even warmer than wool, trapping body heat inside its hollow fibre.  And possum fur is very soft, so Merino Possum accessories and sweaters aren't scratchy like wool can be.  The mix is 50% Merino 40% Possum Fur 10% Silk.  Completely natural fibre.
The fur is eco-friendly.  Possums were introduced from Australia into New Zealand in the 1800s.  What the importers didn't realise was that possums love our climate, being more temperate than Australia.  As a result, the possums bred more rapidly than they did in their home country, and they now chew through tonnes of our native forest every night, as well as eating kiwi chicks and other endangered species.  We have to get rid of the introduced possum to save the native Kiwi.
Merino Possum Socks
CFT01 - Merino Wool Possum Blend Comfort Top Socks
Men in particular love our Merino Possum Socks, probably because they are so comfortable to wear.  Lovely and warm, but soft as well, providing a pleasant cushioning for the feet.
We also stock Health Top Merino Possum Socks, specially made for diabetics and others with poor circulation in their feet or who can't stand a tight, constricting top on their socks.
And for the tramper/camper/fisherman/ hunter, we have heavy-duty Merino Possum Socks made for the rugged outdoors.

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