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Quick Guide to Maori Symbols

Maori Designs Quick Guide to Maori Symbols

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Rubber Duck Collecting

Rubber Duck Collecting Rubber duck collecting - until recently I didn't realise it was a thing.  But sure enough, it is. Ever since the first floating rubber duck was created in the 1940s, designers have been creating their own versions, and people have been ...

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NZ Post 2017 Christmas Mailing Dates - and why you should ignore them

Every year, NZ Post give us their recommended shipping dates (see the 2017 dates below), so your parcels and letters get to their destinations overseas in time for Christmas. DON'T BELIEVE THEM! NZ Post have an outdated concept of shipping times.  They do not take into consideration ...

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NZ Slang Words, and what they mean to us

Sweet As: This is one of the most common NZ slang terms and means "that's OK" or "I agree" or "I understand".  e.g. you say to your friend "I can't make it over to your place today, sorry" and they reply "Sweet as". Wop wops: Out in the countryside, usually far from civilisation. e.g. ...

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NZ Mothers Day Gifts under $50

Here's Mothers Day Gift Giving made easy - an assortment of NZ Mothers Day Gifts we can send on your behalf to your Mum, wherever in the world she lives.  Giftwrapping and a card are free! Some Mums say they don't want anything, they have enough.  They lie!  Everyone loves ...

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Hokitika Wildfoods Festival 2017

The Hokitika Wildfoods Festival is on my bucket list to go to, but meanwhile my daughter went to the 2017 event, sending me photos of everything she attempted to eat. The festival started from small beginnnings in 1990, growing to an annual festival of wild and crazy foods from the West ...

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New Zealand Christmas Decorations 2015

There is nothing like having a New Zealand inspired Christmas tree, especially as most Christmas decorations reflect a Northern Xmas, with snow on the ground.  Here in NZ, Christmas occurs in summer, and is associated with summer holidays at the beach. There are several distinct ranges of New Zealand Xmas ...

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Yes you CAN bring wooden items into Australia

  Yes that is right, you can bring wooden items into Australia.  We can ship wooden gifts from New Zealand to Australia, and you can take wooden items into Australia in your luggage. One of the most common questions we are asked is if we can ship wooden items to Australia, and the answer is yes.  All ...

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NZ Kiwiana Anniversary Gifts

Anniversaries are a very important moment and deserve the most appropriate gift.  We have put together a list of anniversary dates and the traditional and modern appropriate gifts, with an example of a suitable Kiwiana Anniversary Gift. Anniversary Trad/Modern Gift idea 1st Paper/Clocks NZ Bird Sound ...

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Testing the new Whittakers Jelly Tip Block

Whittakers Chocolate have just released this Jelly Tip Block, so we had to test it for you to make sure it was up to our high standards.  Especially since it is a Limited Edition, so who knows when it will suddenly disappear from the grocery shelves. For those of you who don't live in New Zealand, the Jelly Tip ...

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Cadbury Limited Edition Salted Caramel Chocolate

Cadbury New Zealand has just released its Limited Edition Salted Caramel Chocolate, and not a moment too soon, since their main competition, Whittakers, has also just released its Artisan range. There is no comparison between the Whittakers and Cadbury ranges.  Whittakers comes out on top, in my opinion, with ...

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Whittakers Artisan Chocolate Range

Is it worth the hype?

The Whittakers Artisan Chocolate Collection was released in New Zealand on 18th May, 2015, to the great excitement of chocolate conneiseurs nationwide.  With Cadburys releasing a new Cadbury Vegemite Caramel Chocolate in Australia soon, on first glance it looked like Whittakers was having a go at new ...

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Cadbury Vegemite Chocolate - we can go one better in New Zealand

Lesley's Chocolate Caramel Vegemite Slice

Cadbury recently announced that they are going to release a Vegemite infused chocolate bar on June 1st.  Some thought it was a hoax.  It's not, apparently, and when you think about it, it could be a big hit.  It's essentially a Caramello bar, infused with Vegemite.  Probably a bit like salted ...

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NZ Post Christmas Mailing Dates 2014

NZ Post Christmas Mailing Dates 2014 Australia: Airmail - Wed 10 Dec Economy Courier - Monday 15 Dec Express Courier - Wed 17 Dec   South Pacific, East Asia, North America, UK, Europe: Airmail - Fri 5 Dec Economy Courier - Fri 12 Dec Express Courier - Mon 15 Dec   Rest of the world: Airmail - Wed 3 ...

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Cadbury Black Forest Chocolate

- yes it is still available in New Zealand!

There must be a shortage of Cadbury Black Forest Chocolate in Australia, because we have been sending an awful lot of it to Oz lately.  I can't believe Cadbury would stop making it, so let's hope it is just a temporary thing.  There'd be outrage if Cadbury Black Forest was withdrawn from the supermarket ...

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Wild Ferns Bee Venom Skincare

The advantages of using Wild Ferns Bee Venom with active Manuka Honey

Wild Ferns has captured the remarkable benefits of purified Bee Venom from New Zealand, combined with Active Manuka Honey in a range of products that provide a regenerative skin therapy treatment. Venom from the bee is renowned for its ability to create a younger looking complexion by stimulating the skin to encourage ...

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Maori Wood Carvings

At the beginning of the year, I always start to wonder "What will our suppliers bring us this year?  What will they bring us that fits with what our customers want?"   So I was super excited to be offered these beautiful Maori carvings in Kauri, my favourite native New Zealand timber.  SUPER ...

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Ngai Tahu Pounamu

Ngai Tahu Pounamu Ngai Tahu (the Ngai Tahu Maori tribe) are the Kaitiaki (guardians) of Pounamu (greenstone) found in Te Waipounamu - the South Island of New Zealand.  No-one else can extract it. In order to protect pounamu in a sustainable and responsible way for future generations, Te Runanga o Ngai Tahu ...

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Personalised New Zealand Gifts

There are times when you want to give a gift from New Zealand, but you want it to be personalised too.  It might be a corporate gift, gifts from sports teams to hosts, a gift for motel or hotel clients, or you want a special gift to give to someone overseas.  The reasons can be many.  There are a few ...

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New Zealand Korus

New Zealand Korus are one of the most popular Maori designs, especially in New Zealand jewellery.  The Koru design represents the young fern shoot, unfurling as it grows.  The Koru design looks beautiful worn as a pendant or necklace, and it also shows up in ornaments, as seen below. Maori designs carry a ...

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NZ Souvenirs to take to the Olympics

What Kiwis can take to the Olympics in London 2012 to get noticed in the crowd.

So, you're a Kiwi going to the Olympics.  Lucky!!!  And now you are wondering what NZ Souvenirs to take.  After all, you want everyone back home to see you when the TV cameras pan the crowds.  Well we've got everything you need.  :-) New Zealand Flags:  If you're an athlete at the Games, ...

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