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Maori Twist Information

The Maori Twist is called the Pikorua in Maori. It is also called the Infinity Loop, as it has no beginning or end. 

Maori Twist Meaning

BON036 - Bone Single Twist Pendant with Paua and Stain

The Maori Twist, often carved into a bone or greenstone pendant or necklace, is a symbol of two lives becoming one for all eternity.  Though their lives suffer twists and turns, they remain together for all time, and on past the physical world.

Maori Single Twist

GNPT01 - New Zealand Greenstone Single Twist Pendant
The Maori Single Twist is a popular necklace, as it represents the lives of two people intertwining, and so is popular as a gift between two friends or lovers.  It is also popular as a wedding favor and wedding anniversary gift.

The Maori Single Twist Necklace is commonly made from bone, greenstone or pewter.

Maori Double or Triple Twist

BON002 - Bone Triple Twist Pendant with Paua Trim

The Maori Double or Triple Twist represents the inter-connection of two families, two cultures, or groups of people.  It makes a lovely gift between parents of newlyweds, between neighbours, and between groups. 

Koru Twist

GNPT06 - Greenstone Maori Hook Koru Twist Necklace
Some Maori necklaces are made incorporating both the Maori Koru and the Twist.  The Koru design represents peace, tranquility, new beginnings and positive change, so it sits well with the everlasting love or friendship message of the Maori Twist.

Pewter Maori Twist

PWT008 - Pewter Maori Triple Twist Friendship Pendant
A very popular Maori Twist is this pewter version, as it can be worn anywhere.  It looks great with the Maori carving on the lower edge.

Paua Shell Twist

PAUP19 - Sterling Silver Paua Maori Twist Koru Pendant

In the example above, New Zealand Paua Shell has been incorporated into a Sterling Silver Maori Twist Necklace.  The New Zealand Paua Shell displays irridescent shades of blue, green, pink and purple.  Stunningly beautiful.

Glass Maori Twist Ornaments

HKG049 - Glass Maori Twist and Koru Ornament

Another way to give the gift of an eternity symbol is to give it as a glass ornament.  This one shows the Double Twist, with Koru at the top.

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