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Maori Manaia Information

AJ11 - Genuine Maori Bone Manaia Swan Pendant

You can liken the Maori Manaia to a Guardian Angel, a spiritual guardian.  How wonderful that we each have a Guardian Angel, according to Maoridom, and that we can wear a symbol of that Guardian Angel around our necks, as a Manaia Necklace.

The Manaia is believed to be a provider and protector over the sky, earth and sea.  Wherever we are, our Manaia is there.  The Maori Manaia protects us from harm, only letting us go when our appointed time on earth is up. 

You will usually recognise a Manaia carving from its bird-like head, believed to represent flight.  When we die, our spirit takes flight, accompanied by the Manaia.  In the case of Maori, their spirit takes flight to Spirits Bay, near the top of the North Island of New Zealand, and from there goes back to the Maori ancestral homeland, Hawaiiki.

Also often carved into a Manaia, a 3-fingered hand, believed to represent the three fingers of birth, life, and death ( or alternatively, the three baskets of knowledge, which also relates to the life cycle of humans). 

The Manaia Necklace has long been a favoured piece of adornment by members of our armed forces.

The Bone Manaia Necklace pictured above is carved by Joe, one of our Maori carvers, and can be found here.

MM13 - Maori Wood Carving Manaia Necklace

Maori Wood Carving Manaia Necklace
This beautifully carved Manaia necklace is made from native Rimu wood, and enhanced with pieces of Paua (abalone) shell.

PWTM22 - Pewter Maori Manaia Carved Hook Pendant

Pewter Maori Manaia Necklace
This Manaia necklace is made from Pewter.

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