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Maori Culture
Maori are the proud natives of New Zealand, and have a rich culture expressed through language, myths, legends, carvings, weaving, art, tattoo and dance.

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Design your own Korowai

We stock ready-made Maori korowai, but if you would like to design your own, we can help, using available feathers and taniko.  Click here to see details on designing your own korowai.

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Maori Tattoo

Traditional Maori Tattoos have been attracting international interest because of their beauty and meaning.  Read more about Maori Tattoo here.  This New Zealand Tattoo book details the work of our top tatoo artists.  And for those who just want something they can rub off, we have Maori temporary tattoos here.



Horopito - Maori Herb

Horopito is a Maori herb that adds a citrusy, peppery flavour to savoury dishes.  It has caught on around the world, both for medicinal and culinary reasons.  Learn more about horopito here, and purchase dried horopito here.  We ship worldwide.

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Maori Weapons

Maori weapons fascinate collectors worldwide.  We stock an excellent Maori Weapons book , plus a collection of authentic replica Maori weapons for you to buy from. 

We also stock mau taiaha for combat training.

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Maori Language

The Maori language is going through a renaissance, as more and more Maori choose to learn their language, and schools teach Maori as core subjects as well as total immersion.  Learn some Maori words here .

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Maori Haka

The Maori haka dance is well-known around the world because of the haka performed by the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team before each international match.  Read more about the Haka here.  We also have haka t-shirts, and the words to the All Blacks haka .



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Maori Designs

There are a group of Maori designs that are traditionally used in carvings of all types ( wood, bone, etc).  Each of these Maori designs carries a spiritual message - learn those meanings here .

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Maori Music and Kapa Haka

Maori music includes singing ( waiata), dancing,haka, pois, and the use of Maori musical instruments such as the koauau.  Buy pois and kapa haka costumes here , listen to a Maori song and watch kapa haka, buy Maori music , or a book of Maori songs .



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