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Maori Culture
Maori are the proud natives of New Zealand, and have a rich culture expressed through language, myths, legends, carvings, weaving, art, tattoo and dance.  

burgundy tick circle Maori Haka - the Maori haka dance is well-known around the world because of the haka performed by the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team before each international match.  Read more about the Haka here .  We also have books on how to perform the haka , haka t-shirts , a DVD showing a full haka performance , and the words to the All Blacks haka .


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Maori Tattoo Designs - traditional Maori tattoos have been attracting international interest because of their beauty and meaning.  Read more about Maori Tatoos here .

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burgundy tick circle Maori Designs - there are a group of Maori designs that are traditionally used in carvings of all types ( wood, bone, etc).  Each design carries a spiritual message - learn those meanings here .

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Maori Dictionary - for those who want to thoroughly learn the Maori language, we have the Maori Dictionary plus books on learning Maori .

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burgundy tick circle Maori Language   - the Maori language is going through a renaissance, as more and more Maori are choosing to learn their language, and schools teach Maori as core subjects as well as total immersion.  Learn some Maori words here .

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burgundy tick circle Maori Weapons - Maori weapons fascinate collectors worldwide.  We stock an excellent Maori Weapons book , plus a collection of authentic replica Maori weapons for you to buy from. 

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burgundy tick circle   Maori Music -Maori music includes singing ( waiata), dancing,haka, pois, and the use of Maori musical instruments such as the koauau.  Buy pois here , listen to a Maori song , buy Maori music , or a book of Maori songs .

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