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FOOD FOR HOMESICK KIWIS.....and anyone else who wants to taste real food!!!


Mmmmm, miss the flavours of New Zealand? We can help!

Once upon a time, I was a Kiwi living in the USA. Despite the wonderful array of foods available in the supermarket, I still had a hankering for Cadbury chocolate, Hubbards cereals, and of course, a good feed of fish n' chips.

Whilst it might be a tad difficult to send you that last item, if you also miss the comforts of home, we're here to help.

Click on this link to take you to the NZ Food section of the catalogue.  There we have a selection of New Zealand goodies to fill the void in your tummy.  And don't despair if you can't find what you want - we are happy to go shopping for you!


We ship worldwide, and we gift wrap for free.


And for a special treat, click here to view a hilarious TV ad for L&P in 2005 .  It'll make you want to come home......


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