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Hei Matau Shopping

If you are shopping for a Hei Matau, a Maori Fish Hook Necklace, we've brought together examples of the Maori Fish Hook in different materials - bone, greenstone, paua shell, pewter, etc.  We hope this makes your Hei Matau Shopping a little easier.  Click on the photos to go to that Hei Matau Shop section.

Bone Hei Matau Necklace BNPH01 - Maori Bone Hook with Koru Pendant
Bone Hei Matau bone hei matau
Bone Maori Hook Necklace with carving, stain, and paua shell BON010 - Bone Carved Hook Pendant with Stain and Paua Trim
Bone Hei Matau DT21 - Contemporary Maori Albatross Hook Pendant
Bone Hei Matau Pendant with Greenstone trim Maori Bone Hook Pendant with Greenstone Trim
Bone Hook Pendant with binding Maori Bone Hook Pendant with String Cord
Stained Bone Hook Maori Bone Hook Pendant with Koru and Stain
Bone Hei Matau with Maori Tattoo Bone Maori Tattoo Hook Necklace
Jade Hei Matau Small Slim NZ Greenstone Hook Pendant
Greenstone Hei Matau New Zealand Greenstone Carved Maori Hook Pendant
Greenstone Hook Necklace Simple Greenstone Hook Pendant
Greenstone Hook carving Greenstone Maori Hook Pendant
Greenstone Hei Matau Hook Fat NZ Greenstone Hook Pendant
Pewter Maori Hooks pewter maori hook necklace
Sterling Silver Hei Matau Hook Maori Fish Hook Hei Matau Charm
Framed Wooden Hei Matau framed hei matau maori hook carving
Maori Wood Carving Hei Matau maori wood carving necklace
Tattooed Maori Bone Hook Necklace maori tattoo bone necklace
Carved Maori Fish Hook Trophy carved wooden maori fish hook
Sterling Silver Hei Matau Hook CHM107 - Maori Fish Hook Hei Matau Charm
NZ Paua Shell Hei Matau Hook Necklace

Here's a short video showing you a selection of our Hei Matau Fish Hook Necklaces:

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