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Lesley Armstrong-Jennings
10 Shoebridge Cres
R D 3 Whangarei 0173
New Zealand

Phone: 64-9-4344659
Fax: 64-9-4344544
Are you looking for a product or service in New Zealand that we don't currently have?

Sick of searching the search engines? It can be like looking for a needle in a haystack!

We can help!

We will search New Zealand for the product, service or person you are looking for. After all, we are local and know which rock to look under !

This service is FREE for the first 1/2-hour of our search, then we give you the good news that we've found it, or a progress report. If you want us to keep searching, there's a small hourly charge after that.

It's simple!

So send us an email here and we'll get right onto it!

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