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Design your own Korowai Cloak

If you would like a korowai made with the feathers of your choice (from those available), choose from the feathers below.

All feathers have been fumigated, so the korowai can be shipped out of New Zealand, and we can supply a fumigation certificate as well.

Use the photos below to choose which colours you would like in your korowai.

Please note that colours can appear different on different computer monitors, so when you request a bespoke korowai, it can only be returned if it is faulty, and not because you don't like the colours in the finished garment.  We will, however, advise you if we think colours will not look good or will clash with others chosen.

Olive Green Red Coque feathers

 Emerald Green Coque Navy korowai feathers

 Yellow Coque korowai feathersOrange Coque korowai feathers

Black Coque korowai feathers Chocolate coque korowai feathers

 Tan Hen korowai feathers Brown Rooster Feathers 

 White Hen korowai feathers Black hen korowai feathers

Royal Blue korowai feathers Turquoise korowai feathers

 Purple korowai feathers Sky Blue korowai feathers 

Maroon korowai feathers Natural Green Korowai feathers

Beige korowai feathers Khaki korowai feathers 


Taniko Colours:

Taniko colours for korowai

Here are some korowai made up:

Korowai 1 Korowai 2 Korowai 3 Taranaki korowai

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